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Build Your Own - Design & Create Custom Products
For a base price of 12.00 plus the cost of the items you select, you can build your own gift. Select a quantity for each product that you wish to add, then click "Add to Cart" to review your order.
Image Quantity Product Price
a) In shipping box/No Container (save $5) $-5.00
Balsam Sachet- Verbs and Herbs-NH $4.00
BBQ : Beasley's NH BBQ Sauce MILD (No BITE) 16 oz $6.50
BBQ -Crooked Birch- Sticky Honey 12 oz $7.95
BBQ: Beasley's NH BBQ Sauce MEDIUM (Little Bite) 16 oz $6.50
BBQ-Beasley's Sweet $6.50
Book: Good Night NH (Chunky Book) $9.95
Chocolate- Granite State Candy Bridge mix $8.45
Chocolate-Granit State Candy 4pc sampler $5.50
Chocolate-Granite State Candy 6 pc $6.75
Coffee- Whole Bean NH Maple 10 Oz $10.95
Coffee- Whole bean NH Winniepesauke 10 oz $10.95
Coffee: 12 oz Nor'Easter Blend (Dark) $15.00
Coffee:12 oz Wicked Good Cup o'Joe(Med) $15.00
Coffee-One pot- Winnipesaukee Blend $3.95
Coffee-One pot-Maple $3.95
Cookies: Effie's Homemade Cocoa cakes (MA) $8.00
Cookies: Effie's Homemade Corncakes (MA) $8.00
Cookies: Effie's Homemade Oatcakes (MA) $8.00
Cookies: Fantastic Fortune Cookie $7.50
Dip Mix: Boursin Cheese $4.25
Dress/Marinades : Blueberry/Balsamic Fin Sauce $10.00
Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette (NH) $9.95
Granola Bars:Do Good N Be Good(Choc/Alm) $4.00
Granola Bars:Do Good N Be Good(Coconut) $4.00
Granola Bars:Do Good N Be Good(Oatmeal) $4.00
Honey- Cutting Farm- 16 oz $8.50
Honey: 12 Pure NH Honey Sticks for tea or snacking $5.00
Honey: 2 oz hex glass and mini beeswax hive candle $6.00
Honey: 3 oz Bear $3.00
Honey: Cutting Farm-8 oz NH Made $7.50
Jam- Crooked Birch- Peach Cobbler 9oz $7.95
Jam: Maple Apple Butter 8 oz Apple Hill $6.50
Jam-Crooked Birch- Fig Pear 9oz $7.95
Jam-Crooked Birch- Very Berry Hot 9oz $7.95
Jam-Crooked Birch -Wild Blueberry 9oz $7.95
Maple Syrup Mini 3 . 4 oz Jug $7.75
Maple Syrup NH Made 1 Pint $22.00
Maple Syrup NH Made 1/2 pint $12.00
Maple Syrup Quart $30.00
Music: Bill Perry's A Christmas Carol CD (NH) $13.95
Music: Dana Cunningham Color of Light CD $16.95
Music: Dana Cunningham: Dancing at the Gate CD $15.95
Nuts Gourmet Mixed 5 oz $6.25
Pancake Mix: Original $6.25
Pancake Mix-Apple Hill Farm- Blueberry $6.00
Pancake Mix-Apple Hill Farm- Apple $6.00
Popcorn Michele's Buffalo Supreme $7.00
Popcorn MIcheles Extra Cheddar $7.00
Popcorn: Michele's Chocolate Deluxe Popcorn $7.95
Popcorn: Michelle's Gourmet Caramel Corn (NH Made) $6.50
Popcorn: White Mountain Kettle Corn $6.00
Popcorn:Michele's Salt and Vinegar $7.00
Sauce-Crooked Birch- Ginger Teriyaki $7.95
Sauce-Crooked Birch-Apple Maple Chipolte $7.95
Sauce-Crooked Birch-Orange Hony Chipolte $7.95
Sauce-Crooked Birch-Sweet Chili Garlic $7.95
Sauce-Crooked Brch-Spicy Pineapple Gingr $7.95
Soup: Veggie Soup Mix (MA) $6.25
Tom's Camp Mix- Lemon Pepper $3.95
Tom's Camp Mix- Spud Seasoning $3.99
Tortilla Chips: Mitchell's Fresh Blue NH $3.95

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