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Build Your Own - Design & Create Custom Products
For a base price of 13.00 plus the cost of the items you select, you can build your own gift. Select a quantity for each product that you wish to add, then click "Add to Cart" to review your order.
Image Quantity Product Price
a) Gift boxed/No Bskt $-10.00
A) NH Made Canvas Tote Large Blk $16.00
A) NH Made Canvas Tote Med $14.00
A) NH Made Canvas Tote Small 8x3x6 $11.00
A) NH Made Tote Large White $16.00
Apple Butter 2.5 ounce $3.00
Apple Crisp mix :Apple Hill Farm $5.50
Baking Mix: Maple Coffee Cake $6.50
Balsam Sachet "NH in my Pocket" $4.00
Bath: Dried Lavender $7.00
BathBody:Solid Lotion Bar LargeCranberry $16.95
BathBody:Solid Lotion Bar.LG NonScent $16.95
BathBody:Solid Lotion Bar.LG VanillaLav $16.95
BBQ : Beasley's NH BBQ Sauce MILD (No BITE) 16 oz $6.00
BBQ Sauce: NH Beasley's Hot $6.00
BBQ: Beasley's NH BBQ Sauce MEDIUM (Little Bite) 16 oz $6.00
Biscotti: Almond/Choc Almond 1/2 dozen (NE) $12.00
Biscotti: Chocolate Brownie Dipped NE (1/2 dozen) $12.00
Book: Good Night NH (Chunky Book) $9.95
Breakfast Maple Spread mix $5.25
Candy- Maple Salt Water Taffy $5.00
Candy- Salt water taffy $5.00
Candy: Granite State 7oz Asst Choc $10.00
Candy-NH Choc Cov Real Espresso Beans $4.00
Chocolate Covered Pomegranate 4 oz $3.75
Chocolate: Granite State 4 pc sampler $5.25
Chocolate: NH "granite" Chocolate Rocks $4.95
Coffee- NH Made Maple box 16 KCups $15.95
Coffee- Whole Bean NH Maple 1/2 lb $10.95
Coffee- Whole bean NH Specialty Blend 1/2 lb $10.95
Coffee: NH KCups box 16 Winnipesaukee $10.95
Coffee-One pot- Winnipesaukee Blend $3.00
Coffee-One pot-Maple $3.95
Coffee-One Pot-Specialty Blend $3.00
Cookies: Jumbo Homemade 2Pk $3.50
Dip Mix: Dill to Die For $4.25
Dip Mix: Galloping Garlic $4.25
Dip Mix: Hot Lips Habanero $4.25
Dip Mix: Hotter Than Holy Moly $4.25
Dip Mix: Onion Dill Dip =Herb Barn NH $4.25
Dip Mix: Radically Romano $4.25
Dip Mix: Sun Dried Tomato $4.25
Dip/Seas Mix: Magnificent Mashed Potato $2.25
Dip/Seasoning Mix: Dill Herb Butter $2.25
Dip/Seasoning Mix: Mexican Fiesta $4.25
Dishcloth: NH Made $4.25
Dress/Marinades : Balsamic Vinaigrette $10.00
Dress/Marinades : Blueberry/Balsamic Fin Sauce $10.00
Dressing: Italian Herb (MA) $7.95
Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette (NH) $9.95
Fennelly Farms Raspberry Jam $8.50
Granite State Candy Butter Crunch 8 oz $8.50
Granite State Candy: Moose Handmade Chocolate pop $3.00
Honey 8 oz NH Made $7.50
Honey: 12 Pure NH Honey Sticks for tea or snacking $3.75
Honey: 2 oz Bear $3.00
Honey: 2 oz hex glass $3.00
Jam : 12 oz NH Blueberry $10.00
Jam: 8 oz NH Blueberry $7.50
Jam: Apple Hill Farm Three Fruit 8oz $6.50
Jam: Fennelly Farms Apple Pie 12 oz $9.00
Jam: Fennelly Farms Apricot Almond 12 oz $9.00
Jam: Fennelly Farms- Cranberry Onion 12oz(NH) $9.00
Jam: Fennelly Farms Quince 12 ounce $9.00
Jam: Fennelly Farms Raspberry 12 oz $9.00
Jam: Maple Apple Butter 8 oz Apple Hill $6.50
Maple Leaf Hard Candies 3 oz $4.00
Maple Syrup Mini 3.4 oz Glass $7.00
Maple Syrup NH Made 1 Pint $19.00
Maple Syrup NH Made 1/2 pint $11.00
Maple Syrup Tin NH pint $22.00
Music: Bill Perry's A Christmas Carol CD (NH) $13.95
Music: Dana Cunningham Color of Light CD $16.95
Music: Dana Cunningham: Dancing at the Gate CD $15.95
Mustard: Blackwater Sweet/Hot 8 oz NH $8.00
NH Maple Coffee: 2 oz (NH) $3.50
Nuts Maple Ginger Roasted Almonds 5 oz $6.25
Nuts: Maple Basil Roasted Almonds 5 oz $6.25
Nuts: Maple Coconut Roasted Almonds 5 oz $6.25
Nuts: Maple Roasted Almonds 5 oz $6.25
Pancake Mix: Apple from Apple Hill Farm $6.25
Pancake Mix: Blueberry: Apple Hill Farm $6.25
Pancake Mix: Buttermilk Apple Hill Farm $6.25
Pasta with Herbs House of Thyme Ma $7.50
Popcorn: Kettle Corn King 4pk Cheddar Carm $18.00
Popcorn: Kettle Corn King's 4pk Apple Caramel 12 oz $15.00
Popcorn: Kettle Korn King Asst 4 gift pk 12 oz $15.00
Popcorn: Michele's Chocolate Deluxe Popcorn $7.95
Popcorn: Michele's Chocolate Popcorn- NH MAde $7.00
Popcorn: Michelle's Gourmet Caramel Corn (NH Made) $6.50
Rice Blend Hot and Spicy from Herb Barn (NH) $5.25
Salsa: Crooked Birch NH. Three Pepper $7.95
Salsa: Crooked Birch NH. Tomato Jalepeno $7.95
Salsa: Crooked Birch NH.BlackBeanCorn $7.95
Salsa:Crooked Birch NH. PineappleChipolt $7.95
Sharon's Granola : Carrot Cake $6.95
Soup: Clam Corn Chowder Maine $6.25
Soup: Lobster Corn Chowder:Maine $6.50
Soup: Vegetable Pasta Soup $5.25
Tea: Blueberry :NH Made 6 bags $3.50
Tea: Chamomile NH, 6 bags in Sachet $3.50
Tea: Chocolate Mint NH, 6 bags in Sachet $3.50
Tea: Cranberry NH 6 bags per sachet $3.50
Tea: Honey 6 per sachet NH Made $3.50
Tea: Maple 6 bags per sachet NH Made $3.50
Tom's Camp Mix- Lemon Pepper $3.95
Tom's Camp Mix Original- NH $3.75
Tom's Camp Mix- Spud Seasoning $3.99
Tortilla Chips: Mitchell's Fresh Blue NH $3.95

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